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Logistics And Distribution

Logistics And Distribution

Aggressive economic ambiguity, increasing demand for controlling cost & inventory, escalating the need for operational efficiency, and quicker time-to-market is forcing modern businesses to implement robust and efficient manufacturing & logistics solutions. V10xtechnologies work with its agile approach helps businesses pace up their operations in accordance with changing market metrics.

Our custom solutions for logistics & Distribution vertical suite of collaborative Supply Chain and distribution Solutions, Enterprise Solutions and Custom-Built Solutions empower our customers to streamline their business processes to achieve efficiency and competitive value in their various industries.

V10x is specialized in offering custom-built services to leading logistics businesses across the globe. Our areas-in-focus include: optimized resource management, developing CRM & trucking applications, vendor-managed inventory models, customized fleet management, database & data warehousing, quality assurance and testing, integration with ERP & financial systems, documented management systems, 3rd party logistics, shipping logistics, and logistics management for air, sea and land.
Our Competencies
  • Logistics solutions for air, sea, and land
  • Transport Management Services
  • Freight Reservation Management
  • Vehicle Tracking & Route Generation
  • Billing & Cost Management
  • Custom Application Development
  • Integration with ERP, WMS & SCM
  • Visibility Solution Services
  • Vessels Scheduling & Tracking System
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Integrated and optimized Supply Chain Management Solutions

V10x Industry-specific solutions enable higher levels of collaboration across the global value chain is a proven solution for our clients.