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Our Digital Healthcare software development practice is robust and growing, we are reliable software and information technology partner and has delivered custom healthcare software solutions and services to many healthcare clients.

We are at V10x working with established Digital Health vendors to enable their rapid delivery of creative products and solutions to healthcare providers. Dealing with regulatory requirements (HIPAA, FDA, CLIA), supporting healthcare-specific interoperability protocol (HL7, FHIR)), integrated with large-scale EHR platforms and handling large volumes of rich and complex clinical data.

We design & developed state-of-the-art digital health Software Development practice, clinical and administrative workflows, V10x development and deployment of their state-of-the-art digital health initiatives EDI tools and protocols (HL7) clinical data warehousing (CDM), coding standards and nomenclatures (UB-04, ICD9-10, CPT-4, DSM-4, SNOMED, LOINC, NCD), and radiology imaging (DICOM).

Our key differentiating factors is domain knowledge, regulatory compliance and deep technical expertise in technologies underlying any successful health-related software development initiative.

HealthCare Management solutions are designed to enhance safety and efficiency of operational performance at all levels of HealthCare process, ensuring you to provide Quality service which improves safety of the patient, connecting patients to Doctor, minimize risk of Human errors in lab, reduce, periodic alerts about shortage of nurses, increase in productivity by serving Maximum number of patients and at the same time improving quality of service provided.

V10x Technologies understands the challenges faced by HealthCare Industry due to increased government regulations, e-business challenges, raise in patient expectations and demand of cost reduction.

V10x Technologies worked on multiple Healthcare Projects globally and has extensive Healthcare domain knowledge and offers entire in-demand services specific to industry. Health Management Service brings about collaboration between doctors and patients which can be accessed online and offline.
  • Partnering with V10x Technologies means a lot of difference in Key Functional Areas which include:
    • Hospital and Admission Management
    • Facilities and Hospitality management
    • Case sheet management
    • Appointment and scheduling, In/Out patient Management, Staff Scheduling
    • Pharmacy Department and stores
    • Nursing ward, Housekeeping, Laundry, Diet & Kitchen
    • Emergency, Operation theater management
    • Attendance recording devices, Biometric/ Smart cards, Barcode & RFID
    • Patient Monitoring System
    • Laboratory Management System
    • Blood Bank Management
    • Diagnostics centre Management
    • Radiology Management
    • General ledger, Accounts, Payroll, Hospital finances, Fixed assets and Material management
    • HR Management
    • Patient Billing & Help desk
  • Benefits by V10x Healthcare Management Application:
    • Precise identification of patient and validation of treatment/ Surgery/ Therapy
    • Discard Human (nurses/Doctors) errors made in Medication, admin, Blood transfusion
    • Reduction of errors in patient billing
    • Maintain Entire Track record of the current treatment of patient, and previous medical record
    • Accurate Specimen Collection, Storage and Identification
    • Keeping a track of Hospital Assets
    • Integrated management system keeps complete track of Hospital information and Management
    • Improve Quality of care and service, develop relation between Doctor and patient
    • Enhance Operational Efficiencies and control regulating costs
    • Latest Technology Integration